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Myra Wilhelm by SUCHanARTIST13 Myra Wilhelm by SUCHanARTIST13
Myra Wilhelm
Age: ∞
Deceased: at age 17 year-1834
Birth Salem, Massachusetts 1817
Type: doll/ghost
Appearance: Dark hair with split bangs, pale skin color, she wears a green 19th century middle class dress, and a hat
(she has the basic doll features)
-Alternate appearance: tilted head with a smile, blank eyes, bleeding eyes, translucent. Sometimes it appears to have a straight head and a screaming mouth.

Bio: Myra was born with a middle class family during the 19th century. Her father (John Wilhelm) is a taxidermist and a mortician, and her mother (Mary-Jane Wilhelm) is a journalist. Her parents always loved her and gave her anything she asked for. She is well behaved, happy, bouncy, graceful, and curious child. When she was 2 years old, she always cries on very small things. To soothe her, her father gave her a doll, which became her favorite (there is no specific name; lets just call it DOLLY)[the whole doll is made from human skin]. At age 4 her mother died of cholera. Myra has no choice to move forward. At the age of 17, she became a house keeper. There was an unexpected twist between her and her father.

Age 2: well behaved, happy, bouncy, graceful, and curious
Age 4: quiet, introverted, miserable
Age 7: anti-social, communicable with her father.
Age 17: hard working, less communicable or anti-social (to anyone and her father), hateful,

Death: Myra was cleaning the house as always, she was about to put up her cleaning tools away until she heard flies bussing right next to the walls. She looks for something to whip them away, eventually she hits the wall on accident and heard a hallow and echoing noise behind the wall which reveals a hidden door (which was covered in animal hide) to the secret room. She thought it would be good to clean that room. She found out that the room was filled with dead animals stuffed into awkward positions, blood on the floors, and her old stuffed toy on the counter. She examines the stuffed toy and found out that it was made out of human skin. She continues to browse in the room and saw her father's journal sticking out of the stack of books. She reads it and found out every secret about her father. She noticed that her mother didn't die from cholera, it was a planned death. she continues to read and found out that her name was enlisted right under the "OPERATIONS AND PROCEDURES: HUMAN TAX. DOLL" title. After she's done reading, she ran across the tables and accidentally bumped into a mannequin. That mannequin appeared to be her mother. She opens the door but the door is locked from the outside so she has to find her way out. she screams for help then eventually her father immediately appeared behind her and knocked her out with a shovel. After that, her father turned her into a taxidermy doll.

Aftermath: 5 years after Myra's death, her father went into a psychotic rampage and started burning down the house after what he've done with his whole family. He moved into a hotel and stood there for about month or two then committed suicide by slitting his own neck with a knife a week after.

Theory: 100 years later (right now almost 80 years ago), a local museum was built on top of Myra's house (construction workers thought it would be a perfect location). No body knows much about the past but they found evidence before the construction. The evidence they found was a perfectly preserved human doll (which has the looks of an average 17 year old) and another doll which is a bit bent (mother doll), and a burnt journal. Some people think that it's weird to find perfectly preserved human doll from 100 years past. The question is, how could items like these be perfectly preserved?
The items were displayed in the museum, which labeled "Perfectly Preserved Artifacts from the 19th century." Those artifacts caught many people's attention. There were flashing pictures and spreading the news about this new artifact.
There was one photographer named Clay Petters took a picture of the artifacts and found out that there was something mysterious about the photo. The photo brought an image of a dark shadow with a head tilt, blank eyes and blood dripping from her eye sockets and a smile on one doll and the other doll doesn't have that image. The next day in the morning, he took a snap shot of the doll (Myra) and nothing showed up, he thought that he'll just wait until night comes in. When night comes in, he took the same snap shot then the image reappears except the mouth changed into a scream and the head was straight.
When he starts studying the image, it began to haunt him, when he sleeps he hears a head pounding scream, his ears starts ringing and it gave him a splitting head ache. but on the outside view, there's nothing. Paranoia starts creeping up on him every time he sees that image. Just for everyone's safety he puts a sign saying "no flash photographies" on the artifacts. Sooner or later Clay keeps on hearing that same scream every time so he committed suicide.

Today there are some signs that says "no flash photographies"

(Her soul is trapped in her own body)


When the photo shows that she is smiling, she is happy to see you and she wanted you to help her (for no specific reason)
When the photo shows that she is screaming, you failed to fulfill her request
(no specific objective...)

Aggressiveness scale 1: Passive - 5: Agressive
- She isn't nearly aggressive as other creepypasta characters
- She her whole body is immobile but her ghost side is mobile.
- She gives people headaches, schizophrenia, and tinnitus (ringing ears) caused by involuntary screaming
- She only focuses on one person
- She hates paparazzi

Affiliation with other creepypasta characters:
none at this point

(I know this rarely happens but just in case)

Myra Wilhelm: © SUCHanARTIST13
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ketav2013 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014
I like it. Its original. Thats what I like about it
Grace3333 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013
Pretty awesome character :iconiloveitplz:
SUCHanARTIST13 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Student General Artist
thanks ;)
Grace3333 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013
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No1fan15 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
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SUCHanARTIST13 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Student General Artist
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kitten0202 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
AMAZING! I got to say I like the character's looks and bio! What a sad and twisted story! I can't help ,but pity her! You did a great job on making the character I am impressed!
SUCHanARTIST13 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Student General Artist
thanks :) the worst part is that she has to find the secret by herself
kitten0202 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Oh that sucks!I would really like to help her though
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