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The Conjuring (Wallpaper) by SUCHanARTIST13 The Conjuring (Wallpaper) by SUCHanARTIST13

Please if you are willing to post this on any other website, I ADVISE you to give me credit for this artwork. 


Here's my summary for the Three Stages of Possession

Infestation: The first stage of possession when a demon uses haunting signs to gain trust and influence the person for an invitation to his or her home. Signs of infestation include shadow figures, sound of footsteps, and a swarm of birds crashing to windows. 

Oppression: The second stage of possession when a demon starts to affect the person psychologically, physically, and emotionally with the intention to weaken the person's soul.

Possession: The final stage. Once the person gives up, the demon takes full control of the person's body.


Phew-- this one took me a long time. I think that this is one of the deviations that too the most time for me to complete. 

I think it took about 2-3 days including planning. 

LOL... I did this during my mid-terms Headbang McCool 


So, I got obsessed of watching this movie The Conjuring I totally watched it like 5 ba-gillion times and I just wanted to make a mini spoof with the creepypasta characters. 

Okaiii, Here is the thing, I thought it would be good if I put E.Jack and Jeff for infestation because they create a bunch of noise once they enter into someone's home and also was the hardest to think of because I don't know any creepypasta that has something to deal with infestation. For Oppression, L.Jack and Ben would be good because I see them as this physically non-existant characters as pain inflicting maniacs. Lastly, Possession, pretty much self explanatory. 

suu.... yeahh... I have nothing else to expound.

so enjoy :)

Jeff the Killer sesseur/creepypasta

Eyeless Jack creepypasta

Laughing Jack *SnuffBomb 

Slenderman ~Victor-Surge 

Ben Jadusable

Zalgo creepypasta 

art Meh..

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December 19, 2013
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